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Vodafone-Panafon Anonymi Elliniki Etairia Tilerikoinonion

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Vodafone-Panafon is a leading GSM/GPRS/UMTS mobile operator in Greece since the introduction of GSM in the Greek market (1993) and a member of the Vodafone Group with over 200 million customers worldwide. The company operates a cellular network in GSM 900 and 1800MHz, 2.5G with GPRS launched in Mar ’01 and UMTS launched in October 04 with more than 50% population coverage. The group has launched UMTS services in 18 countries and has more than 50 million Vodafone live! subscribers. The company offers full range of mobile telecom services, operates also as an Internet Service Provider, as a WLAN operator and offers LMDS services for corporate customers. Vodafone Greece owns the largest private transport network in Greece with microwave and fibre-optic transmission systems. Vodafone Greece has been participating to European Research projects since ACTS (STORMS, ASPECT) and since 2001 it has a specific R&D team which has intensified the relevant activities. The team has focused on internal projects including: (a) the development of Value Added Services and Internet related applications, (b) the overall improvement of network performance, quality, (c) the extensive employment of field trials for new products and technologies (e.g. VoIP, LBS, Multicasting), and (d) the specification and development of MIS and network related software tools (planning tools. network management tools), and has increased significantly its participation to IST projects (LOVEUS, CREDO, ADAMANT, CONTEXT, SEMOPS, MB-NET, MCAST, MOTIVE) and e-Content projects (M-GUIDE, MUSICAL). In the context of these projects, Vodafone Greece has developed certain areas of technical expertise as well as extensive skills on performing prototype system trials. The R&D unit of Vodafone Greece has since 2003 has been integrated to Vodafone Group R&D UK Centre and has taken over the responsibility of Collaborative Research Management.

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