ER Log Merging and Management (WERL)

Managing and reviewing the log fi les that are created by the Emergency Response (ER) personnel in the course of an emergency incident is a critical task for understanding and improving the implemented ER actions. A major challenge arising in this task is the fact that multiple log fi les are created by diff erent members of the ER personnel. As a result, extensive manual e ffort is necessary in order to merge and align the incoming log entries in order to make them suitable for review. In addition, critical information for the incident under study, such as person names and locations, is also manually extracted. The WeKnowIt ER Log (WERL) Manager is a web-based application that facilitates the task of ER log merging and management by automatically merging and aligning multiple log fi les and extracting ER-relevant semantic information from log entry text. WERL makes use of the representation patterns of Event Model F in order to facilitate information sharing and reuse. Furthermore, WERL enables interactive exploration of the collected log fi les by means of temporal, location and semantic filters.

Seventh Framework Programme