Emergency Response application

The ER website is a part of the full Emergency Response demonstrator. Data arrives from a number of different sources: From Emergency Response workers at the scene of an emergency, from the general public observing an emergency or through other parties publishing information on the world wide web. This information is then collected by the WKI system and various processes are carried out to make the information more palatable for presentation. The information is geo-located, either from metadata provided with the images or through an analysis of textual or visual data and tags are generated for the information. Emergency Response workers have the ability to define an incident - automatic processing  then connects individual uploads to an overall document in order to provide some categorisation of the information.

The information is then displayed in the explorer application showing the data as red points on a map. These can be selected and viewed in the interface. Various filters also are present - you can filter the information by time, by the tags applied to the data or geographically (by moving the map). The information list will update according to these filters (as will the map). In addition you can view the incident information by selecting an incident from the list to see the information provided about the incident itself.

The data behind the interface is currently test data - you can use the username 'test' and password 'test' to log in.


Seventh Framework Programme