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Software Mind is an innovative, global Software House enterprise, providing top quality own-brand products and IT services for companies operating in telecommunications, finance and banking, and SMB sectors. We offer solutions supporting the management of business relations and Customer Intelligence. We also provide dedicated IT services including building EAI architectures, managing and organizing software production processes and performing quality auditing. Software Mind’s success is achieved through flexibility in co-operation, delivering high quality solutions, unconventional financing models and unique knowledge.

Software Mind was established in 2004 as a continuation of WebSoft company created in 1999. During last 3 years Software Mind grew from 15 to more than 70 employees, mostly software developers and project managers.

From our earliest days, we have focused on designing, building, and implementing innovative software products to support key areas of business activity of our clients, letting them in this way gain competitive edge on the market.

In Software Mind, we combine entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism of growing economies with the experience and need of the developed countries. We work for demanding clients who expect sophisticated solutions. Their number includes GTech Corporation, PTC Era, MACH Clearing House, BillBird and numerous others. Offering global outsourcing services and working on the development of innovative systems in ground-breaking projects, we frequently pioneer system development. We would often take on the challenge and the inherent risk, investing own resources into the exploration of new service areas.

From 2005 Software Mind provides research and development services to Garlik, a British start-up created by Tom Ilube and Mike Harris - former founders of Egg, the first Internet-only bank in the UK. Garlik offers a novel product which combines Semantic Web, natural language processing and data mining technologies to protect individuals' digital identities. Software Mind's consultants created for Garlik most of its core software systems including - a scalable natural language processing engine with distributed data mining, RDF and OWL based data loading and matching processes, a user interface for exploring personal data. Software Mind also participated in ontology development and strictly research and prototyping activities.

Software Mind was involved as a provider of Quality Assurance services in EC founded CrossGrid project. 

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