WeKnowIt is a 3 year Integrated Project developing novel techniques for exploiting multiple layers of intelligence from user-generated content, which together constitute Collective Intelligence, a form of intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and contributions of many individuals.

WeKnowIt ER exercise in Sheffield

Personal Intelligence: The provision and access of information adapted to specific user requirements, such as their profile, preferences, etc. Providing upload and access interfaces for multimedia information from multiple modalities.

Attention Streams

Social Intelligence: Development of the flexible Authorization Design Language (ADL) for user authorization in social networks related applications.


Mass Intelligence: Topic, community, landmark and event recognition by interpreting user feedback on a large scale. Utilization of information stored in tags and social networks, and practical faceted navigation in large scale knowledge bases. Scalable clustering techniques using content similarity graphs.


Media Intelligence: Automated content analysis techniques, based on visual image similarity, as well as advanced speech and textual content processing for extracting knowledge from the content itself. Fusion of information from different sources/modalities, contexts (e.g. time, location) and social connections.


Organisational Intelligence: Development of Event-Model-F, a formal representation of the different aspects of events such as time and space, composition, causality, correlation, and documentation. Distributed group management (dgFOAF) based on the Friend-of-a-Friend (FOAF) vocabulary. Consolidation of unstructured citizen information around facets such as location, time and topic.

ER Log Merging
Event Model - F
Mobile Facets


Applications: WeKnowIt demonstrates the applicability of its achievements through two case studies: (i) An Emergency Response case study where users provide intelligence about large scale emergencies (e.g. flooding or fire), empowering a more effective and informed response. (ii) A Consumers Social Group case study providing user-based recommendations for points of interest and events before and during traveling and assisting post-travel content management. WeKnowIt technologies are also applicable in a wide range of applications, such as in e-government for analyzing citizens feedback for enhanced planning and decision making, and in cultural applications for linking user generated content with formal collections.

Emergency Response
Pre-travel CSG
Mobile CSG
WeKnowIt Image Recognizer


Seventh Framework Programme