Semantic Web technologies have been designed to enable computers to understand and process the information distributed on the Web. OWL/RDF representations are clearly targeting programs whereas HTML is designed for human beings. On the other hand, Microformats and more recently RDFa have been proposed for integrating ontological information into standard XHTML documents. This integration is currently used for third party systems such as screen scrappers and search engines. Ontological information of a document is not only useful for programs but can also be used for making the underlying knowledge explicit by augmenting visually its look and format. The Sparks 03 Browser is a pratical application of some of the concepts developed throughout the Sparks framework. Specifically, it uses the overlay concept for augmenting visually standard documents by adding new mecanisms of interaction with the underlining knowledge. Ozone Browser won the second prize at SFSW2009

Seventh Framework Programme