Successful grant as WeKnowIt follow-up in Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has obtained a grant of £98,089 to follow up the work done in the Personal and Media Intelligence workpackages of WeKnowIt, as well as in the Emergency Response use case.
The project is entitled "Tracking Real-time Intelligence in Data Streams (TRIDS)" and is funded by the UK Technology and Strategy Board SBRI programm, under the call - Have I Got 'Views' For You?.

In its first phase that will last from July-December 2011, the project will provide a software solution able to gather, collate and analyse in real time a large number of live data streams, linking the live data to static information sources in order to foster understanding of unfolding events. The approach is based on modelling Collective Intelligence, i.e. the combination of personal intelligence (what the single individuals communicate, e.g. tweets), mass intelligence (e.g. trends in media), social intelligence (e.g. group/community opinions) and organisational intelligence (e.g. official and professional bodies communications).

Through this project the UK government will be able to monitor events via social sites, by directly exploiting results from WeKnowIt. It is highly probable that this project will continue with a second phase in the coming year.

Seventh Framework Programme