City Exploration by Use of Hybrid Clustering (ClustTour)

ClustTour is an online city exploration application that helps users identify interesting spots in a city by use of photo clusters corresponding to landmarks and events. ClustTour is based on an efficient landmark and event detection scheme for tagged photo collections. The proposed scheme relies on the combination of a graph-based photo clustering algorithm, making use of both visual and tag information of photos, with a cluster classiffication and merging module. ClustTour creates a map-based visualization of the identified photo clusters that are classified in prominent categories and are filterable by time and tag. Such an application can greatly facilitate the task of knowing a city through its landmarks and events. So far, the demo has been based on a large photo dataset focused on Barcelona, and we are in the process of expanding it to 20 major cities of Europe. Furthermore, we intend to provide an Android application that complements the current web-based version of ClustTour.

Seventh Framework Programme