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ITI-CERTH was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation under the auspices of the General Secretarial of Research and Technology of Greece (GSRT), with its head office located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2000 it has been a founding member of the Centre of Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) also supervised by the GSRT. The most important related areas of R&D activities performed by ITI-CERTH include: semantic multimedia analysis, multimedia indexing and retrieval, multimedia and the Semantic Web, knowledge structures, languages and tools for multimedia, reasoning and personalization for multimedia application, knowledge discovery for semantic-web applications, intelligent human computer interaction and intelligent agents, MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 standards.

The Thessaloniki-based Information Processing Laboratory (IPL) of ITI-CERTH has participated in more than 70 EC IST projects and 85 National projects and subcontracts. Over the last eight years, the ITI research team has authored over 140 publications in scientific journals, 40 book chapters and over 370 presentations to international conferences. Its Athens-based Image, Video and Multimedia Systems Lab (IVML) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) will also collaborate in the project. It has led more than 50 European and national projects in the last decade, has authored more than 120 publications in scientific journals and over 250 in international conferences in the multimedia and knowledge technologies field. For a complete list of research activities, R&D projects and publications, see http://www.iti.gr and http://image.ntua.gr.

The two labs are participating in the IST-FP6 Integrated Project aceMedia and are leading the “Ontology Infrastructure, Knowledge-Assisted Content Analysis, Semantic Reasoning and Intelligent Content Retrieval” area. They are also participating in the IST-FP6 NoE "Knowledge Web" and in the COST 292 "Semantic Multimodal Analysis of Digital Media". They also have leading roles in the projects: “MESH: Multimedia Semantic Syndication for Enhanced News Services, IST-IP”, “X-Media: Knowledge Sharing and Reuse Across Media, IST-IP”, “K-Space: Knowledge Space of Semantic Inference for Automatic Annotation and Retrieval of Multimedia Content, IST-ΝοΕ”, “BOEMIE: Bootstrapping Ontology Evolution with Multimedia Information Extraction, IST-STREP”, “VIDI-Video: Interactive semantic video search with a large thesaurus of machine-learned audio-visual concepts, IST-STREP” and “Imagination: Image-based Navigation in Multimedia Archives, IST-STREP”. ITI-CERTH is participating in the audiovisual search engines Coordinated Action “CHORUS: Coordinated approacH to the EurOpean effoRt on aUdio-visual Search engines”. Both laboratories are participating in standardization activities including the W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group, and are very active in organization of related conferences including SAMT 2006 and WIAMIS 2007.

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