Meetings at Mobile World Congress

WeKnowIt participated in one-2-one meetings at  the EEN Brokerage event in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2011 industrial event during 14-17 February in Barcelona, with the aim to promote the project exploitation potential and possibly achieve industrial cooperations. At the same event several other meetings took place regarding ClustTour and its commercialisation.

Specifically, WeKnowIt representatives met with IT companies managers and CEOs in the fields of Emergency Response management, Geographic Information Systems development, green IT solutions development, Intelligent Voice Response systems, video production and touristic destination management. Possible synergies were discussed, including collaborations aiming at enriching the companies’ products with some of the WeKnowIt technologies, and also testing and evaluating the publicly available WeKnowIt APIs. Briefly the schedule of the performed meetings comprised discussions with the following industrial sectors and companies:

  • Emergency Response Management: SafeShores Group (SSG) (research and development of software, devices and monitoring services for the purpose of public safety and emergency response service provision), i2CAT (R&D center focusing in Emergency Response), Abertis Telecom (ER infrasrtucture provider).
  • Geographic Information Systems: BIESTABLE (GPS and positioning mobile applications), SENDA (location-based social solutions for sustainable mobility)
  • Green IT solutions: GreenCode (mobile loyalty campaigns for green brands)
  • Intelligent Voice Response Systems: ORMAS (IVR systems development)
  • Video production: Cluster A (Twelve companies of the audiovisual, IT and editorial sector of Andalucía)
  • Touristic Destination Management: Tigatag (location-based travel marketing campaigns based on games) , pic2world (commercial tour guides, tour contents exchange community, automatic tour photo naming management), VIATECLA (front-end services for travel industry)

Further discussion and contacts with the SafeShores Group has led to cooperation between the company and the consortium, with the aim to commercialise the ER prototype.

Regarding the ClustTour application, a series of meetings took place with companies from the fields of Touristic Information Management, Navigation and Location-based services, R&D and university spin-offs, and value-added services. In brief the companies that ClustTour engaged in discussions with per each sector are the following:

  • Touristic Information Management: pic2world (commercial tour guides, tour contents exchange community, automatic tour photo naming management), FoxyTour (personalised POI delivery), VIATECLA (front-end services for travel industry)
  • Navigation and Location-based services:  AtlasCT (GIS solutions), Navturk (destinators development), Basarsoft (navigation map development)
  • R&D and university spin-offs: Indisys (intelligent dialogue systems), Sparsity (scalable graph stores development), Orange (customer mining)
  • Value-added services: CETECH (text information services), Buongiorno (value added services provider) 
Seventh Framework Programme