22 new deliverables available

The WeKnowIt consortium has decided to make public a series of 22 deliverables originally meant to be confidential. The following deliverables are now available for download from the deliverables page:

  • D1.3 User Modelling and dialogue management 
  • D7.2 Emergency response and consumers social group case study design and specification
  • D2.1.1 Initial implementation of intelligent media analysis tools
  • D3.1 Prototype of mass question answering
  • D4.1.1 Initial community analysis tools
  • D6.2.1 Definition and implementation of APIs version 1
  • D6.3 Design, architecture and implementation of the knowledge base
  • D4.2 Prototype of community management platform
  • D1.2 Personal knowledge management technologies
  • D6.4.1 Integration of WP 1-5 tools and common components version 1
  • D7.6.1 Initial consumer and emergency response use case evaluation protocols
  • D7.3.1 Initial emergency response case study implementation
  • D5.3.1 Prototypical Knowledge Sharing Interaction Methodology
  • D6.2.2 Definition and implementation of APIs version 2
  • D8.4.1 Video showcase specification
  • D4.3 Community browser and graphical user interface elements and evaluation
  • D6.5.2 Final data sets collection and integration
  • D1.4 User profiling and personalisation tools
  • D2.3 Social Media Intelligence techniques
  • D4.4 Implementation of service modules for cross-usage
  • D7.3.2 Emergency response case study implementation
  • D7.6.2 Final consumer and emergency response use case evaluation protocols
  • D5.3.2 Final Knowledge Sharing Interaction Methodology


Seventh Framework Programme