STEVIE - Collaborative Creation of Semantic Points of Interest as Linked Data on the Mobile Phone

The novel mobile application STEVIE (collaborative, semantic, and context-aware points-of-interest) enables its users to collaboratively create, share, and modify semantic points of interest (POI). Semantic POIs describe geographic places with explicit semantic properties of a collaboratively created ontology. As the ontology includes multiple subclassifications and instantiations and as it links to DBpedia, the richness of annotation goes far beyond mere textual annotations such as text. With the intuitive interface of STEVIE, users can easily create, delete, and modify their POIs and those shared by others. Thereby, the users adapt the structure of the ontology underlying the semantic annotations of the POIs. Data mining techniques are employed to cluster and thus improve the quality of the collaboratively created POIs. The semantic POIs and collaborative POI ontology are published as Linked Open Data.

The tool is available online at:

Seventh Framework Programme