CURIO: Collaborative User Resource Interaction Ontology

The CURIO Vocabulary is a general purpose ontology designed for managing the collaborative discussion of user generated resources in a unified and collaborative fashion. Despite being developed in the context of WeKnowIt, the vocabulary can be easily adapted for a particular need thanks to its flexible resource model. CURIO can be considered as an aggregative ontology since it aggregates and connect many concept from different standard ontology in a formalised way. This vocabulary reuse most of its concept from the SIOC vocabulary but incorporate many classes and properties from other ontology such as DCTerms, GeoOWL, CommonTag and OPO. The ontology is based around the concept of Resource. A Resource is a specific class that holds a user generated content. Currently different class exists. Particularly, the Document and Event  classes enables the combination of virtual events with a real one.

Seventh Framework Programme