These are the MULTISENSOR Partners:

CERTH-ITI is the project coordinator of MULTISENSOR and therefore leads Project Management activities (WP1). CERTH-ITI is also responsable for the multidimensional content integration (WP4) focusing on multimedia and semantics.
As an expert in machine translation and automatic speech recognition Linguatec is responsible for Multilingual and Multimedia Content Extraction (WP2).
EURECAT leads the human-centric analysis of content (WP3) focusing on context analysis, sentiment extraction and information propagation in social media due to its great expertise in these areas.
ontotext has a large experience on semantic infrastructures. Ontotext is therefore leading WP5, the semantic representation and will develop semantic reasoning techniques.
UPF is expert in summarization and text information production. In MULTISENSOR, UPF will be responsible for content summarization and user-tailored presentation delivery (WP6).
everis is a multinational company with large experience in the development of technical solutions. In MULTISENSOR, everis will be responsible for system development and integration (WP7).
Logo Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle is one of the three user partners. It will be leading the Use Case development (WP8) and participate in dissemination and evaluation.
Firmenlogo pressrelations
pressrelations is a media monitoring company which will be involved in use case design, system development, evaluation and exploitation. pressrelations will lead the exploitation activities (WP9).
pimec is a large organization of SMEs in Catalunia, Spain. pimec will design the use case on SME internationalization and will be involved in evaluating, testing and dissemination.