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Logo EVERISeveris is a multi-national consulting company offering business development and strategy, technological applications maintenance and outsourcing solutions. Our consulting firm works in the banking, energy and utilities, financial, industrial, insurance, media, public administration, healthcare and telecommunications sectors. Currently, everis group has operations in several European and Latin American countries, United States and a professional staff of more than 9,000 consultants.

everis is structured around the five business areas everis business consulting, everis solutions, everis operations, everis BPO, everis initiatives. everis provides its clients with global business solutions covering all aspects of the value chain of any organisation, from business strategy, to implementation of technological solutions.

The Architecture service in everis covers all aspects from system strategy to its implementation in technologies such as .NET, J2EE, mobility or Open Source Software. Other fields of interest are the development architectures and technological transformation processes.


Project role:

everis will be responsible for the system development and integration. It will also take on the role of technical manager to ensure that the results are aligned with the technical objectives.



  • WP7 System development and integration (lead)
  • participation in WP2
  • participation in WP4
  • participation in WP7
  • participation in WP8
  • participation in WP9


People involved:

Enric Staromiejski is a Service Expert in the Public Sector of everis, with more than 20 years working in the ICT field. He has been involved in many of the main technical phases of the projects to which he has been assigned, from the requirement specification, to the analysis, design, development, deployment and testing, as well as giving support to the project management. Enric has a Degree in Computer Science and courses in Legal and Standard frameworks in Public Administrations, eGovernment, eCommerce, B2B, UBL-1.0, UBL-2.0, UN/CEFACT. Most relevant domains, in which Enric has been involved include: international, national and subnational B2B, eCommerce and eGovernment XML document-based transactional platform inception and design; deployment and management; and private industry research on andragogy, ontology and related standardisation processes. His role in the project will be the Technical Manager to ensure that the technological directives are in accordance with the objectives outlined in the Implementation Plan focusing on the quality of technical developments and system integration. He will be responsible for: Coordinating the technical integration and facilitating the information flow and collaboration between the cross WP technical developments; Ensuring that the technical developments are well linked with the theoretical objectives and approaches; Monitoring the quality of the developed prototypes and software and Coordinating and participating in technical meetings.
Alan Mas has a Degree in Telecommunications Engineering by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and a Master for Speech Recognition, with more than 9 years in ICT technologies. He is currently working in everis as a Project Leader of the Public Administrations and Telecom Sectors. In the past 3 years he has been implementing projects for the European Commission (DIGIT and DG EMPL especially). He also coordinates a structure responsible for providing support to European Funding Framework Programmes (e.g. FP7). He is specialised in using Agile methodologies, especially SCRUM, with the use of value-based, stakeholders’ engagement and planning techniques. His role in the project will be the WP leader for everis. He will be the point of contact for contractual, reporting and financial topics and to coordinate all delivery aspects related to the responsibilities of everis.
Luis Moreno with over 10 years of experience, a Liferay certification and a Master in Project Management, has a technological profile with cutting-edge technologies knowledge in different fields, especially in web technologies and mobility. Luis has a wide experience architecting solutions based on XML as change format and with different solutions. He has worked at Apple, DG Market and DG EMPL (EC). He will be the Local Technical Director responsible for the following WP7 tasks: Crawlers and data channels, Technical Infrastructure and System development and integration.
Axel Callabed is a Psychology graduate from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and with more than 8 years in ICT projects. He is a senior Project Leader at everis in the Technology unit, working in development of complex, enterprise-grade architectures and content management platforms. In the past 3 years he has been implementing projects for the European Commission (DIGIT, ProInvest, DG EMPL, DG MARKT,..). Formerly as freelance consultant, he developed projects for SMEs using open source products to deliver high value custom tools at a very low acquisition cost and helping companies prevent vendor lock-in and leverage existing open standards and technologies. He also contributed to several distributed open source projects. With a strong background in UNIX-based technologies and languages, he also mastered web content management systems running under the hood of high-traffic public internet sites and internal intranet and banking sites. He has been developing integration interfaces in all the projects he has been involved. This makes him an expert in integration with different technologies and environments. He will be the WP7 Project Manager, responsible to the implementation of the different tasks where everis is involved: MULTISENSOR architecture, Crawlers and data channels infrastructure, Technical infrastructure and System development.
Carlos Cacho has over 10 years of experience in the ICT field and IBM FileNet Content Manager-Developer 4.5 certification. He combines the role of Client Manager in various departments of the Government of Catalonia and country manager of Andorra with being responsible for the online eGovernment at everis. Carlos outstands in applying project management methodologies, improving productivity and functional and technical analysis; he also has a broad expertise in eGovernment solutions associated to the Public Sector. Carlos also leads the European Funding Framework Programmes. His role in the project will be to support Alan in all operational, administrative and financial topics related with the contract management for the everis side.
Martí Casamajó is a Partner responsible of the everis Public Sector in Barcelona, with more than 20 years working in the ICT field. He has a Master in Mobile Communications and a Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Most relevant fields include all domains related to public administrations. He has participated in eGovernment projects, such as the interoperability platform between administration departments at the Government of Catalonia. He has also wide expertise in the following areas: IT strategy, IT service management, business transformation, outsourcing services and change management. Finally, Martí has also expertise with Business Intelligence and ITIL methodology. His role in the project will be to provide business and Public Administrations expertise to the everis’ teams.