ontotext AD (ONTO)

Logo_ONTOThe ontotext AD is a leading provider of core semantic technology distinctive for its performance, scale, and compliance with open standards. It is the developer of OWLIM, the most scalable semantic database. Another outstanding product of Ontotext is KIM – the most popular semantic annotation and search platform. Ontotext’s technology delivers real-world applications in Life Sciences, Publishing, Online Recruitment and other areas. Its customers include top-10 pharmaceutical company, top-10 global media, top-5 US military contractor, leading telecoms in Asia, as well as, customer-facing semantic technology companies. It also has considerable expertise in modelling, data integration and building applications in the cultural heritage domain for commercial and research purposes, aggregating cultural heritage collections to Europeana, leading a consortium for the British Museum Research Space project, etc.


Project role:

Technology provider for RDF repository and inference techniques, NLP for Bulgarian



  • Within MULTISENSOR Ontotext is responsable for WP5: Semantic Reasoning and Decision Support
  • support in WP2 – concept extraction from text and processing Bulgarian
  • support in WP4 – content modeling, alignment and integration
  • support in WP6 – concept summurization


People involved:

Atanas Kiryakov Knowledge modelling (T5.1). Atanas Kiryakov is the founder and executive director of Ontotext AD. Kiryakov joined Sirma (a top-3 software company in Bulgaria) as a software engineer in 1993 and later became member of the board. In 2000 he founded Ontotext and led it in research projects with a total budget of over 100M Euro. In 2008 Kiryakov finalised an investment deal for Ontotext for 2.5M Euro with venture capital fund NEVEQ. Since 2004 Atanas is a member of the board of Innovantage – a leading provider of recruitment intelligence in UK. Kiryakov obtained his M.Sc. degree in CS from the Sofia University, Bulgaria, in 1995 with a thesis on knowledge representation. His research interests include reasoning, information extraction, and linked data management.
Vladimir Alexiev Knowledge modelling (T5.1), Topic-based modelling (T4.1), Mapping discovery and validation (T4.2). , PhD, PMP. Dr. Vladimir Alexiev holds a MS and PhD degree in Computer Science, Project Risk and Quality Management diploma and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the PM Institute (PMI). He has more than 23 years of IT experience managing numerous software development projects. He has strong background in ontologies, semantic web, project management, requirements gathering and business analysis. He is one of the founders of Sirma Group Holding one of the biggest Bulgarian IT groups. PMP, MS-level lecturer in IT PM. Expert in ontology engineering, RDF, RDFS, OWL2, SKOS, SPARQL, Linked Open Data, mapping, ETL, semantic web applications. He is the manager of British Museum ResearchSpace project and Yale Center for British Arts project and has extensive experience in Legal Statistics with Prosecutors Office Bulgaria.
Kiril Simov Named entity extraction (T2.2), Concept extraction from text (T2.3). Kiril Simov is a senior researcher at Linguistic Modelling Department, IICT-BAS. He was a leader of work packages concerned with ontology management in two EU projects: LT4eL and AsIsKnown. He is also Bulgarian representative in European projects LTfLL, CLARIN, FlaReNet and EuroMatrxiPlus. He has about 100 publications at international forums.
Georgi Georgiev Concept-based summarisation (T6.5). PhD. Dr. Georgi Georgiev has specialized in advanced text analytics with especial focus on machine learning based models and overall software architectures and solution methodologies for enterprise level semantic annotation and search solutions. Georgiev leads the text analysis product development and professional services at Ontotext, which resulted in him technologically and/or scientifically leading projects for organizations like the BBC, PressAssociation, Euromoney, the Association of Dutch Daily Publishers, Siemens, Publicis. He has a strong leader’s role in the Semantic Annotation and Search division of Ontotext and strong commitment to combining scientific and research excellence with productive industrial and government oriented solutions. His interests include machine learning product development and adaptation, enterprise software architectures, and contemporary management techniques.