Deutsche Welle (DW)

Logo Deutsche WelleFounded in 1953, Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international public service broadcaster. It’s mission is to promote the understanding of Germany as an independent nation with its roots in European culture, and as a liberal, democratic, constitutional state based on the rule of law. It is also meant to provide a forum in Europe and on other continents to German and other points of view on important issues, with the aim of fostering understanding and exchange between cultures and people. In addition, DW contributes to promoting the German language.

DW fulfils this mission with a full range of television, radio and online services. DW is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information in 30 languages – in Arabic and Kiswahili, Indonesian and Urdu, Russian and Spanish, German and English. Culture, education and Europe; those are some of our focal points. We classify facts, explain contexts and analyse background information.

In addition to supplying “traditional” platforms / channels such as radio, TV and online, DW has fully embraced new opportunities offered by digitisation. This means targeting new platforms and devices (e.g. mobile phones, IPTV platforms), spreading content via new distribution means (most of them IP-based) and partnering with new and emerging third party platforms (e.g. Social Media portals such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) to increase reach and effectiveness as a publicly funded media company. Since the late 1990s DW has participated in more than 20 nationally and internationally funded R&D projects.


Project role:

DW will primarily act as content provider and user partner in the project. It will lead the task related to the media use case and play a major role in dissemination. It will also be responsible for the evaluation of the project results.



  • DW is leading WP8: The development of the Use Cases and the project Evaluation
  • DW is supporting in the project Dissemination
  • DW is assisting in all other WPs with a connection to User Requirements


People involved:

Nicolaus Heise holds a PhD in international law and has worked in different roles in the media business for more than 15 years. He joined Deutsche Welle in 2011. Before, he worked as a media lawyer and has later on managed the new media and distribution activities of Grundy UFA, Germany’s biggest TV production company. He is currently managing the FP7 project SocialSensor on behalf of DW. As one of SocialSensors main use cases is to facilitate the use of social media information for professional journalists, he will be able to make respective experiences and findings available to MULTISENSOR.
Tilman Wagner is a Usability Expert and Interface Designer. He holds a degree in media technologies and a masters in international media studies. He has been working in the area of information management and webdesign for over 4 years. With his experience in requirements engineering and social media communication he will be supporting the Use Case design and manage the MULTISENSOR website.