User Group

The MULTISENSOR User Group (MSUG) is a community of relevant stakeholders from different areas of expertise (beyond the project consortium) including media monitoring companies and application developers, media researchers, news organizations, journalists, SMEs and other stakeholders and users.MSUG members will be informed about the latest MULTISENSOR progress and developments. They will be able to participate in the evaluation of the project results (after specific agreements), test the project software platforms and provide feedback.It is our wish to involve MSUG members as much as possible in discussions about the project to create synergies for the possible exploitation of the project results, the development of business models, partnerships and more. Participation in the technical discussions and activities (special sessions, standardization, etc) as well as contributions (ideas/requirements) fitting the project objectives are welcome.

The following organisations are currently members of the MULTISENSOR User Group:

Organization/Expert Description Contact Country
Data Scouting ICT company providing media monitoring solutions Stavros Vologiannidis Greece
JRC Research centre working on media monitoring Ralf Steinberger Italy
Ekonm ICT company providing semantics and data mining solutions Espen Kon Israel
DOTSOFT ICT company providing data mining solutions Odysseas Spyroglou Greece
Mozaika ICT company providing data science solutions Mariana Damova Bulgaria
SEERC Research centre working on knowledge management Iraklis Paraskakis Greece
Fraunhover MOEZ Research centre Lutz Maicher Germany
Fraunhofer FAME Research institute working on the future of media Stefan Arbanowski Germany
ATC Software Company, Media research and development Nikos Sarris Greece
European Journalism Center Journalism Training and Research Organisation Eric Karstens Netherlands
Beeld & Geluid Cultural-historical Media Organization Johan Oomen Netherlands
IRT Research Institute for Mediatechnology Peter Altendorf Germany
CASMAR SME (security systems) Montse Castro Spain
Zebra Design & Retail SME (design & Retail) Francesc Querol Spain
Jordi Mallorquí Export Manager freelance Teresa Forrellat Spain
Jordi Planas Export Manager freelance Teresa Forrellat Spain
Míriam Sabaté Export Manager PIMEC Teresa Forrellat Spain
Joan Carles Espigol Export Manager freelance Teresa Forrellat Spain
Jerusalem College of Technology College of Technology Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner Israel
Aii Data Processing Ltd Provides business news and market intelligence with focus on the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Specializes in monitoring, measurement and analytics of mainstream and social media Anton Todorov Bulgaria
QMUL, Multimedia and Vision Research Group Multimedia applications Ioannis Patras UK
University St. Gallen Media & Communications Department Katarina Stanoevska CH
Clipit Media Monitoring Rinske Willemsen NL
eMedia Monitor GmbH Media Monitoring (RTV) Thomas Netousek Austria
Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe Media Monitoring Patience Zirima Zimbabwe
R-Media Media Monitoring Enzo Rimedio Italy
Media Image Group Media Monitoring Sorin Milutinovici Romania
Euregio Srl GmbH Media Monitoring Omar Signori Italy
Media Tenor Media Monitoring Pavel Herot Czech Republic
Media Informatics Lab Media Research Andreas Veglis Greece
IALE ICT company providing data mining solutions Enric Escorsa Spain
Neptuno Films SME Neus Viciana Spain
Aquarius Cosmetics SME Ramon Soler Spain
Ricard Navàs Export Manager freelance Teresa Forrellat Spain
Pere Duran Export Manager freelance Teresa Forrellat Spain
Marta Sánchez-Pol Export Manager freelance Teresa Forrellat Spain
Serstem (Transformados Termoplasticos SL) SME Joan Mestres/ Júlia Mestres Spain
Alba Lara Expert in Internationalisation Teresa Forrellat Spain


If you are interested in joining the MULTISENSOR User Group, please use the form below to register your organization:

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