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    MULTISENSOR envisions a system dealing with a wide range of technologies addressing different users and use cases. These circumstances pose different requirements that will have to be met by a stable technical baseline. On the one hand the seamless integration of all these technologies is an important challenge on the road to a successful application. On the other hand it will be necessary to harmonize the  interfaces allowing the users to interact with all segments equally without any interruptions.

    These are precisely the critical challenges for MULTISENSOR, to design and build a sound yet simple and flexible architecture able to integrate heterogeneous technologies and artifacts, based on a continuous deployment methodology, while providing usable and re-usable interfaces for both humans and external systems and applications (portals, services and application programming interfaces).

    The fundamental principles for the architecture are:

    • SERVICE-ORIENTED: to make it modular, decoupled and manageable
    • SIMPLE: to make it intelligible and manageable
    • STANDARDS-BASED: for effective interoperability and solid foundations, SOA-based architecture, and decoupled RESTful services

    The following diagram gives a high-level overview of the envisioned architecture.