• Journalism

    We have chosen European energy policy as a specific topic in order to illustrate how MULTISENSOR could be used in a journalistic environment. Energy policy is one of the main issues in international news coverage; NGOs, politicians and citizens struggle about the right strategy. Covering this topic, journalists are interested in official sources such as national governments and European institutions as well as in the international press and academic institutions that deal with energy policies. Furthermore, they like to follow comments from the civil society, including statements from NGOs and regular citizens through social networks and blogs in different languages. Ideally, MULTISENSOR will support journalists in covering European energy policy. The platform provides a weekly list of content items from different (multilingual) sources that are relevant to energy policies in Europe. MULTISENSOR also delivers summaries of specific articles and presents an overview of how recent developments in European energy policy have been perceived by the population.

  • Commercial media monitoring

    We assume that a leading manufacturer of household appliances wants to use the MULTISENSOR platform in order to access and organise its entire global media monitoring and analysis activities, both in traditional and in social media. The client requests that all data must be mapped according to country and business sector. He also wants the MULTISENSOR platform to map all articles not only to business sectors, but also to a multitude of specific products and marketing campaigns that accompany the launch of new products. MULTISENSOR should work with a given set of qualitative analysis parameters such as target media, tonality, message penetration, picture penetration, exclusivity and mentions of corporate spokespersons. In addition the client is interested in identifying media contacts to reuse these in a contact database. He wants to track consumer opinions and sentiment with regards to specific products, as well as predict market trends and customer behaviour based on similar situations in other countries. Ideally, MULTISENSOR will provide the client with this information and support him in the market monitoring process.

  • SME internationalisation

    We assume that a family-run company that produces dairy products intends to considerably increase its export business. Unfortunately neither the management nor the company’s 20 employees have the resources or language skills to sufficiently explore opportunities in foreign markets. They would like to use the MULTISENSOR platform to provide them with some key indicators on a selection of foreign markets. This includes – for instance – the respective countries’ GDPs, the average income, the market infrastructure as well as fundamental regulatory issues. Additionally, the management is interested in learning more about the preferences of possible consumers by not only checking official databases but also by analysing social network communication. Ideally, MULTISENSOR is not only contributing to this information but also supporting the management in the decision making process with regard to which specific country the company should focus on.