You want to know what MULTISENSOR can do for you?

Imagine you are working for a media monitoring company…

Every day you need to present an overview of news from around the world. How do you deal with the load of multilingual and multicultural information coming from various different sources within the short amount of time you have? How do you find the connections between the different news items?

MULTISENSOR can help you not only to browse through all kinds of different channels, be it social media or traditional news outlets. It will also translate the materials matching your cultural background and language, so you can understand what is talked about. To make it even easier, MULTISENSOR will automatically sort the information into meaningful clusters and enrich it with metdadata, such as sentiments or locations.

All you need to do is tell MULTISENSOR what clusters you are looking for – and convert clusters into the stories you want to publish.

Imagine you are the CEO of a small or medium sized Enterprise…

As your company is growing you are thinking about taking on new, international markets. But which countries should you focus on? You clearly need to get to know economical and political situation of your target countries. But how do you gather all the necessary information? And how do you ensure the correct translation of all the information to garantuee  a succesfull market entry of your brand?

MULTISENSOR can help you get a clear picture of the market you are targeting. Read what people think about the product type you want to sell on social networks. See how competitors are being talked about on the web or in the news. Find out more about new market regulations as they are being discussed in the press. MULTISENSOR will do the translation for you and group the information according to what needs to be in context.

From there it is up to you to decide which market you should take on next with which strategy.