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    • MULTISENSOR is an EU funded research project, which aims at advancing the research and development of multilingual media analysis technologies.

    • The goal is to enable users (e.g. journalists, entrepreneurs) to attain a comprehensive and exact understanding of topics they are engaged in, not only from their own but from multiple viewpoints.

    • MULTISENSOR stands for Mining and Understanding of multilinguaL contenT for Intelligent Sentiment Enriched coNtext and Social Oriented inteRpretation

    • Scanning multiple heterogeneous sources MULTISENSOR will help gather and semantically integrate various local subjective and biased views disseminated via TV, radio, mass media websites and social media.

    • Using sentiment, social and spatiotemporal methods MULTISENSOR will then help to interpret, relate and summarize economic information and news items.

    For further information…


    –> you can download our factsheet


    –> or have a look at our project flyer.


    –> or visit the details page.