Think outside the box – No.3

Think outside the box

Innovation needs free thought – and a look beyond the own borders every once in a while. This monthly section provides findings from outside our little box touching on topics connected to Multisensor.

01. Trolls are a constant source of aggrevation in the online world, not just for journalists. A trio of researchers from Cornell and Stanford university has now developed an algorithm based on textanalysis to automatically identify and reduce the numbers of these „Future Banned Users“. | read more here
02. Being in a good mood can make your life easier – and cheaper. Coca Cola is analysing the sentiment of your tweets and rewards you for a positive attitute with a lower price. | read more here
03. Do sentiments differ? They most certainly do on a natural basis. But they also depend on the analysis method. Stathis Fotiadis compared three different techniques regarding speed and accuracy. | read more here
04. You can’t know enough good tools for media monitoring. @SocialMedia2Day listed its top analytical tools for keeping an eye on your online popularity. | read more here
05. @SproutSocial is having a look at media monitoring tools as well, and explains why and how to put them to best use. Another list, some more insights. | read more here
06. You’ve chosen your favorite tools for media monitoring – but what now? What are the key questions to ask? @B2CommunityJobs has six suggestions. | read more here
07. Growthhacking aims at quick economic growth on a low marketing budget. Good media monitoring is key to get the message out to the right people. Check out these insights also useful for journalistic purposes. | read more here