Think outside the box – No.2

Think outside the box

Innovation needs free thought – and a look beyond the own borders every once in a while. This monthly section provides findings from outside our little box touching on topics connected to Multisensor.

01. The @verge reports that Microsoft is adding more languages to its automatic translation of Skype calls. With the first round having been an easy one (English-Spanish only), Skype is now taking on a real challenge with Chinese and (less so) with Italian. | read more here
02. Multilingual support for tools is growing: After Twitter introduced a translation feature for Tweets earlier this year Facebook now seems to be following suit. | read more here
03. Following last week, Twitter made its new monitoring tool “curator” available for the market. The new tool is supposed to help media companies to better find and manage online content on twitter. The basic tips & tricks blogpost gives some further insights. | read more here
04. For everyone still relying on Tweetdeck, Twitter’s original monitoring tool for the masses, rejoice! Tweetdeck still has many tricks up its sleeve to help you get the best content as @Gizmodo explains. | read more here
05. In case you are just getting acquainted with Tweetdeck, @Gizmodo is also listing a set of basic tips to get you going with your media monitoring tasks. | read more here
06. If you are in need of more in-depths facts and figures around what’s going on on twitter, you may want to include other third party tools into your media monitoring portfolio to deepen your analytics. | read more here
07. Good media monitoring needs time and you can spend your entire day with it – but you don’t have to! According to @SocialMedia2day you can get the basics done in 30 minutes a day if you follow a few groundrules. | read more here