“Smart Big Data” was a common thread running through CeBIT 2014. Both the exhibition and the conference highlighted the huge opportunities awaiting all economic sectors from harnessing today’s rapidly growing volumes of data.

This year’s CeBIT offered numerous illustrations of the opportunities arising from the analysis of these data flows. Among them was the MULTISENSOR project being presented by Linguatec, one of its consortium members, in the research & innovation exhibition hall.

Although still at an early stage, the objectives and technologies planned to be implemented by MULTISENSOR were met with strong interest from participants from all over Europe. Particularly attractive for most visitors was the planned integration of separate state-of-the-art analyzing steps into one single user interface.

One lesson learnt from our discussions is to focus sufficient attention towards designing an intuitive and attractive user interface – as this will be the vehicle to showcase the power of our NLP components.

If you have questions about MULTISENSOR @ CeBIT, please contact r[dot]busch[at]linguatec[dot]de