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  • Press releases/Newsletters

    This page contains the press releases issued about MULTISENSOR by one of its project partners. Press Releases might be in a local language only. No. Source/Partner Date Language Type 01 CERTH press release 28/11/2013 Greek Press Release 02 PIMEC Newsletter,specific MULTISENSOR item 05/12/2013 Catalan Newsletter 03 PIMEC Newsletter,specific MULTISENSOR item 30/01/2014 Catalan Newsletter 04 pressrelations […]

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  • Presentations

    This page contains presentations held at conferences or workshops in regard to the MULTISENSOR project by one of its project partners. Presentations may be available in a local language only. No. Topic Event Date Presenter 01 MULTISENSOR Project Poster The project poster was designed to give an overview of the Multisensor project at conferences, workshops […]

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  • Academic Publications

    The following papers have been published in relation to the MULTISENSOR Project: Journals No. Title Authors Publication 1 “Greedy Transition-based Dependency Parsing with Stack-LSTMs” Miguel Ballesteros, Chris Dyer, Yoav Goldberg and Noah A. Smith Computational Linguistics. MIT Press, 2016 2 “Many Languages, One Parser” Waleed Ammar, George Mulcaire, Miguel Ballesteros, Chris Dyer and Noah Smith […]

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