Call for Papers

The 2018 IEEE Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IVMSP) Workshop is the 13th of a series of unique meetings that bring together researchers in academia and industry to share the most recent and exciting advances in image, video, and multidimensional signal processing and analysis. The main themes of the 2018 IVMSP Workshop are Big Data, Social Media, and Computational Imaging.

The scientific program of IVMSP 2018 will include plenary talks, regular and special sessions. We welcome contributions within the three main themes, as well as at their intersection, e.g. use of imagery from social networks for learning models for image reconstruction tasks.

Big Data

  • Deep learning methods for large scale multimedia
  • Multimedia big data processing, analysis and retrieval
  • Distributed solutions and architectures for big multimedia
  • Convergence between Internet of Things, wearables and social media
  • Big Data applications (summarization, surveillance, mobile, etc)

Social Media

  • Social media data collection, filtering, and indexing
  • Social media data representation and understanding
  • User profiling, collective behavior and privacy aspects of social media
  • Monitoring, sensing and prediction in social signals
  • Detection, analysis and verification of emergent events

Computational Imaging                                                                    

  • Image models, sparse, low rank, and statistical models
  • Image formation, model based inversion, image fusion, and optimization-based methods
  • Computational imaging systems, computational photography and microscopy, medical and radar imaging
  • Hardware and software for computational imaging, embedded systems, big data, and non-traditional sensors

Call for papers 2018 13th IEEE IVMSP Workshop (pdf)