Big Data

  • Deep learning methods for large scale multimedia
  • Multimedia big data processing, analysis and retrieval
  • Distributed solutions and architectures for big multimedia
  • Convergence between Internet of Things, wearables and social media
  • Big Data applications (summarization, surveillance, mobile, etc)

Social Media

  • Social media data collection, filtering, and indexing
  • Social media data representation and understanding
  • User profiling, collective behavior and privacy aspects of social media
  • Monitoring, sensing and prediction in social signals
  • Detection, analysis and verification of emergent events

Computational Imaging                                                                    

  • Image models, sparse, low rank, and statistical models
  • Image formation, model based inversion, image fusion, and optimization-based methods
  • Computational imaging systems, computational photography and microscopy, medical and radar imaging
  • Hardware and software for computational imaging, embedded systems, big data, and non-traditional sensors