ESSIR will be held at the Conference Centre at the premises of the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), which is located 12 km from the centre of the city of Thessaloniki and 8 km from the airport. Buses (free of charge) will transport every day the ESSIR 2015 participants from the Thessaloniki city centre (pick-up points close to the hotels) to the ESSIR 2015 venue in the morning and back after the end of the lectures.

There will be four pick-up points where the buses will start in the morning. The buses will be blue-white and will have the label “Olympos” written on them. The four pick-up points are the following (important note: the designated locations are not precise, since the exact bus stops will depend on local traffic conditions – make sure you look around a few meters close to these locations in order to spot the buses and the volunteers with the ESSIR 2015 T-shirt):

  • Near to the Port of Thessaloniki (map)
  • White Tower (map)
  • Makedonia Palace (map)
  • Meg. Alexandrou & Kallidopoulou (close to Metropolitan Hotel) (map)

Note that there is only a single departure time for the buses. Make sure you don’t miss it (please be there 5′ in advance just to be on the safe side), otherwise you will need to arrive in the summer school venue on your own (see below for directions). The transportation schedule to the venue will be the following:

  • Monday: 8.15
  • Tuesday: 8.30
  • Wednesday: 8.15
  • Thursday: 8.15
  • Friday: 8.15

The departures from CERTH will be scheduled in order to reach the locations of the social events on time. In particular:

  • Monday: Buses will depart from CERTH on 18.15 and leave participants near the Music Hall of Thessaloniki, very close to the Reception event (Aldebaran restaurant). There will be no bus to take participants to the center after the reception, giving the opportunity for a nice walk along the promenade (the Reception event is about 30 minutes walking time to the centre and 20 minutes to Metropolitan and Makedonia Palace hotels).
  • Tuesday: Buses will depart from CERTH on 17.15 to take participants to the Aristotle square (where it meets Egnatia street) close to the statue of Venizelos where the Walking City Tour will start from. Since the Walking City Tour will also conclude close to the same location (in the centre), participants will need to arrange to go to their hotels on their own.
  • Wednesday: Buses will depart from CERTH on 18.30 and will leave participants close to the four pick-up points. Then, the participants will need to arrange on their own their transport to the social dinner (Aigli Restaurant).
  • Thursday: Buses will depart from CERTH on 18.45 directly for the Rio tavern in Aghia Triada. Approximately on 10:00, buses will take participants from the tavern back to the city centre (four pick-up points).
  • Friday: Buses will depart from CERTH on 18.30 and will leave participants close to the four pick-up points.

To get to CERTH on your own from the city centre:

  • By taxi: Taxis in Thessaloniki are blue colored. Meters are set at the start of each route with a minimum fare applying of €3, 20.
    Duration:        approx. 20 30 min
          approx. €10 15
  • The address is: CERTH (technological park), 6th klm Charilaou-Thermi, 57001

    In Greek: ΕΚΕΤΑ (τεχνολογικό πάρκο), 6ο χλμ Χαριλάου-Θέρμη, 57001


  • By public bus:  From the bus stations alongside Egnatia avenue, take the bus No.10 [Charilaou – New Railway Station] towards Charilaou.
    At the Bus Terminal Charilaou switch to Bus No.66  [Charilaou – Thermi].Get off at the bus station “Zoni Kenotomias” in front of the CERTH premises.Duration: approx. 45 60 min

    Cost: The two sequential directions ticket costs €1, 30. For students and seniors the ticket costs €0,70.

    Ticket machines are located on all buses but they do not give out change. A cheaper alternative (€1,20/€0,60) is to purchase your ticket from the ticket booths at the public bus central stations or at some of the kiosks located across the main streets.

    Relevant information can be found on the OASTH (Urban Transport Organization of Thessaloniki) website.




ESSIR will be held at the main auditorium (150 seats), while the group activities will take place across all available rooms (main auditorium and two additional rooms with 40 and 25 seats). There is also a large foyer where the poster session will be held and a catering space where lunches and coffee breaks will be arranged.