The lecture programme covered a wide range of: (i) foundational topics that provide a broad overview of key concepts upon which the IR field is built, (ii) recent and emerging topics on the current and future developments in the field, and (iii) special topics on the inherently interdisciplinary nature of IR.

In particular, the following topics were covered:

Note: The slides and videos for each lecture are provided next to each lecture below; the slides for all lectures can also be downloaded in a single file (265 MB), while the videos* can be watched on the ESSIR 2015 YouTube channel.

Foundational topics:

  1. IR Foundational Concepts & Models by Professor Maarten de Rijke (slides) (video #1, #2)
  2. IR Evaluation & Experimental Design
    1. Axiometrics – An axiomatic approach to evaluation metrics by Professor Stefano Mizzaro (slides) (video)
  3. Effectiveness and Efficiency Issues in Web Retrieval Systems by Dr. Barla Cambazoglu (slides) (video)
  4. Human Information Interaction & Retrieval by Professor Diane Kelly (slides) (video)
  5. Information Retrieval Infrastructures by Dr. Craig Macdonald (slides) (video)

Recent topics and emerging trends:

  1. Social Media Mining and Retrieval by Dr. Carlos Castillo (slides) (video)
  2. Models for Information Retrieval and Recommendation by Professor Arjen de Vries (slides) (video)
  3. Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis & Opinion Mining by Dr. Fabrizio Sebastiani (slides) (video #1, #2, #3)
  4. Graph-of-Words: Boosting Text Mining with Graphs by Professor Michalis Vazirgiannis (slides) (video)

Special topics:

  1. Machine Learning for IR by Dr. Katja Hofmann (slides) (video)
  2. Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval by Dr. Vasileios Mezaris (slides) (video)
  3. Integrating Language, Semantics, and Multimedia for IR by Professor Marie-Francine Moens (slides) (video)
  4. Multilingual Summarisation by Professor Leo Wanner (slides) (video)


* We would like to warmly thank Anastasia Katsaounidou from the Laboratory of Electronic Media of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, for recording and preparing the lecture videos.