The concept of (hyper)linking, well-known in the text domain, has been inspiring researchers and practitioners in the audiovisual domain since many years. In this talk I will overview a number of use scenarios that can benefit from audiovisual linking, present some approaches we experimented with the past years and discuss the evaluation of audiovisual linking. I will zoom in on the set-up of the video hyperlinking tasks we have been running in the context of the MediaEval benchmark evaluation series and, since 2015, TRECVid.

by Roeland Olderman, University of Twente, Twente, Netherlands.

Roeland Ordelman is specialist in audiovisual access technology and cross-media concepts with a background in research, audiovisual archiving and ICT industry. He is manager Research and Innovation at the Research & Development departement of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision where he coordinates the Research & Innovation agenda of the institute and manages internal, national and EU projects around innovative, often technology-driven approaches aiming for improved access to AV collections. He is affiliated to University of Twente, focussing on research in the area of multimedia retrieval, Video Hyperlinking being one of the main topics in recent years, among others via the TRECVid and MediaEval benchmark evaluations. He is owner of Cross-Media Interaction, a company that develops cross-media concepts for large audiovisual and multimedia collections.