The rapid advancements of digital technologies, as well as the penetration of internet and social media usage have resulted in a great increase of heterogeneous multimedia data production worldwide. In many application fields (e.g. journalism, media monitoring) intelligent systems are required for supporting the stakeholders. In the recent years, research has directed towards the development of intelligent systems and tools dealing with media content analysis. However, the magnitude, the diversity and the heterogeneity of the data involved require novel intelligent techniques from the broad area of artificial intelligence to deal and extract meaningful interpretation and provide decision support and summarisation services. This need is reflected also by relevant research projects such as MULTISENSOR and EUMSSI, which focus on providing multimodal analytics of heterogeneous data with an aim to support journalism, media monitoring, international investments and second screen applications.
In this context, MMDA welcomes novel research works focusing that deal with intelligent applications for media management, web content extraction, concept and event based indexing, semantic integration and retrieval, as well as multimodal fusion, content summarisation and visual analytics.


The MMDA2016 deadline is extended! New submission deadline is June 16th 2016!

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