The Workshop has concluded successfully! Presentation slides can be found in the Program page.

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In conjunction with the 2017 ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR 2017).

As worldwide Internet penetration increases, an environment has now emerged where the fields of security and forensics are faced with novel challenges, but also with new opportunities to exploit. On the one hand, the proliferation of social media has created a new ground for illegal actions and content exchange, and with it the need to track such activities whilst simultaneously protecting users. On the other hand, the increased resources provided by Web platforms, including human resources through crowdsourcing, provide novel tools for security experts and analysts. Similarly with respect to multimedia forensics, Web and social media platforms create unique challenges for forensic algorithms through the large-scale dissemination of potentially tampered multimedia content of unknown origin. At the same time, however, they offer novel tools for forensic analysis, such as con-textual information or media phylogenies, that would be inaccessible outside these environments.

The 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Forensics and Security (MFSec 2017) has the explicit aim of drawing attention to these issues by focusing on multi-media forensics and security in the Web and social media. See the Call for Papers for more!

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