Call for Papers

Recently, Architecture, Design and Virtual Reality game creation companies are expanding exponentially both in financial and competitiveness means, leading them to agonizingly searching for new ways to accelerate and simplify the 3D-model extraction process. These industries are in great need of acquiring, reusing and repurposing visual and textual data, so as to recreate/renovate/produce a targeted space, building or object. This come in align with the abrupt increase that we can lately find in the use of immersive VR environments and the great technological advance that can be found in the acquisition and manipulation of these models.

MADVR plans to bring creative industries that are using VR technologies and researchers/technicians together so as to open a new dialogue between them and create a novel ground where user demands could be used in order to create scientific and technological tools based on realistic and meaningful needs. More specifically it focuses on (i) technologies that are used to acquire data from real environments and real objects, such as the use of drones and 3D-scanners; (ii) technologies that crawl data from the web sources; (ii) techniques that reuse visual data to extract 3D-models from buildings and objects in order to import them in the architecture and video game design process; (iv) algorithms that extract aesthetics and style content, as well as (v) techniques of text generation and textual summarization. All the abovementioned will be a fruitful ground, not only helpful for architecture and video game creation purposes but also very meaningful for companies who want to enhance the whole VR experience. Research topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • VR applications for game industry, architecture and cultural heritage
  • Video and image analysis for design and game authoring applications
  • VR and 3D Game authoring tools
  • Multimedia analysis for game authoring
  • 3D reconstruction for creative industry or social applications
  • Multilingual content generation for 3D content
  • Multilingual summarisation for VR authoring applications
  • VR serious games
  • Multimedia content integration for VR environment generation
  • Interactive applications for creative industries
  • Techniques for data acquisition that will be used for the construction of 3D models
  • Data crawling techniques for acquiring data useful for the augmentation of 3D/VR models
  • Architecture and VR applications

If you want to download a print form of the CfP please use the following link: MADVR_Call4Papers_v6.0