MADVR 2018 aims at presenting the most recent works in the area of multimedia analysis in the context of applications for architecture, design and Virtual Reality (VR) games. Nowadays large amounts of visual and textual data have been generated, which are of great interest to architects and video game designers, such as paintings, archival footage, documentaries, movies, reviews or catalogues, and artwork. However in their current form it is difficult to be reused and repurposed for creative industries applications such as game creation, architecture and design.

This is currently envisioned by recent research projects (e.g. H2020 V4Design, H2020 Inception, H2020 DigiArt, H2020 REPLICATE, etc. ), which focus on developing technologies that allow for automatic content analysis and seamless transformation to assist the creative industries in sharing content and maximize its exploitation. In this context, MADVR has a special interest in image and video analysis, 3d reconstruction, multilingual analysis that can be applied for VR game authoring and design applications.