Accepted Workshop Proposals for I-ESA24

  1. Smart grading, handling, and packaging solutions for soft and deformable products in agile and reconfigurable lines  (AGILEHAND)
  2. Enhancing Enterprise Interoperability through Human-Centered Collaborative Robotics: Best Practices and Standards (AI PRISM)
  3. AI Driven Industrial Equipment Product Life Cycle (AIDEAS)
  4. Methodologies, standards, and technologies driving manufacturing towards the green deal (CLARUS)
  5. Interoperability challenges and research directives for digital product passport (DPP)
  6. Enhanced Factory for Extraterrestrial Space Technology Operations (EFESTO)
  7. Industrial Data Services for Quality Control in Smart Manufacturing (i4Q)
  8. Innovations in Manufacturing: Integrating AI, IoT, and Data-Driven Strategies
  9. Modelling and Transitioning Industry To Climate Neutrality and Sustainability
  10. Zero Defects Zero Waste strategies based in non-destructive inspection technologies (ZDZW)
  11. Intelligent Material Design: Harnessing AI for Next-Generation Interoperable Manufacturing

Doctoral Symposium Workshop

Objective: The workshop aims to provide doctoral students with a platform to present their research, receive constructive feedback, and engage in interdisciplinary discussions with peers and experts in the field of Enterprise Systems Architecture (I-ESA).

* Facilitate knowledge exchange among doctoral students researching I-ESA.
* Foster collaborations and networking opportunities among participants.
* Provide a supportive environment for students to receive guidance on their research methodologies, challenges, and future directions.

Content and Topics Covered: The workshop will cover a range of topics related to I-ESA, including but not limited to:
* Architectural frameworks and methodologies for enterprise systems.
* Integration of emerging technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain) in enterprise architectures.
* I-ESA for digital transformation and Industry 4.0.
* Case studies and best practices in I-ESA implementation.
* Security, privacy, and ethical considerations in I-ESA.
* Human factors and organisational aspects in I-ESA.