Verge Search Engine Interface

Is VERGE a general purpose retrieval system?

VERGE is a general purpose video search engine since it has been tested and evaluated with different video datasets containing documentaries, series, sports and tv commercials.

Is VERGE engine scalable?

VERGE engine was evaluated with a 50 hours video concatenated into 30 000 video shots approximately. The number of hours in v9.0 has scaled up to 280 thus increasing the video shots to 90 000 and it will presumably rise more in the following showcases. This geometric rise of data has been handled succesfully by employing an off-line r-tree indexing structure, which enables fast retrieval and provided quality results.

Is VERGE engine extensible - modular?

VERGE engine is built on the following open source technologies: apache server, php, MySQL database, which are modular and extendable. Moreover the search modules involved were developed as standalone services in order to support modularity. Therefore the smooth integration, adaptation or update of new or existing search modules is supported.