Call for Papers

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Aims & Scope

The workshop aims to explore emerging research topics of interest in applying Semantic Web technologies in the domains of Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Internet of Things and Interoperable Platforms. The main objective is to stimulate and foster active exchange, interaction and comparison of approaches on formal ontologies for the semantic enrichment, representation and linking of sensor data, events and resources, integration of sensors, mobile and wearable devices, IoT platform convergence and dissemination, context-aware and real-time discovery, reasoning, interpretation and composition of data sources for building high-level applications.

SEMPER provides the opportunity to discuss specific research and technical topics in the aforementioned areas, sharing their results and practical development experiences in the fields.

Call for Research Papers

Participants are invited to submit regular and work-in-progress research, discussion papers and industrial experience reports in fields related but not limited to the following topics:

  • Knowledge modelling, interpretation, context-awareness in pervasive environments
  • Semantically-enriched situation awareness
  • Semantic Web technologies in eHealth, assisted living and medical applications
  • Applications in Smart Buildings, Green Computing, Smart Grids and the industry
  • Semantic interoperability in IoT platforms, sensors, mobile and wearable devices
  • Uncertainty in ontology-based systems for sensor-driven applications
  • Activity recognition under uncertainty, noise and incomplete data
  • Ontology-based recognition of activities
  • Description Logics and abductive reasoning for data fusion
  • Hybrid reasoning frameworks (data- and knowledge-driven solutions)
  • Combination of ontologies and rules
  • Event modelling and detection
  • Semantic Complex Event Processing

Call for Demo Papers

Participants are also invited to submit demo papers on any of the above topics, related to SEMPER, to be presented in the demo track. Demo papers provide an opportunity to demonstrate individual technological advancements, to promote applied research and application findings and to stimulate discussions and collaborations between industry and academia.

Demo papers should describe clearly what will be demonstrated, along with the background and application field of the proposed demo, the underlying technology and its novelty upon state of the art.

Upon acceptance, the organizers need to be contacted early on to arrange potential special requirements for demonstration.


Accepted papers will be published in a CEUR-WS volume.




Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers (at least 30% of new material) to a thematic issue of the Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE) on Semantic Web technologies for mobile and pervasive environments.