Countries worldwide, amid threats and incidents targeting civilians, invest in reinforcing their CBRN-E related capabilities. In Europe and in most cases, the teams responding first are not trained specifically, nor equipped sufficiently to face the kind of hazards, to provide the assistance to victims and to follow the decontamination processes that a CBRN-E incident implies. At the same time, resources are limited, exercises and trainings are siloed per organization, lacking of proven procedures, and digital tools. A step-by-step approach needs to include (1) detection of the CBRN-E threat, (2) triage of casualties and (3) on-site decontamination before the provision of medical aid.

TeamUP addresses these challenges by developing an innovative toolkit for detection, identification and monitoring of hazardous material, coordinated operations and efficient and safe Search and Rescue (SaR) supported by Augmented Reality (AR), and technologies for monitoring of the health status of First Responders. Moreover, TeamUP will integrate tools for triage and decontamination along with modules for collaborative and digitized Planning, Response and Training for First Responders and citizens. The TeamUP technologies will be tested for the detection, identification, and monitoring of hazardous material, as well as for the monitoring of the health status of First Responders. In addition, these technologies will be validated during a series of Tabletop, Small-Scale Exercises as well as Small Scale and Full-Scale Trials. Next to the training and equipment of First Responders, TeamUP aims to raise awareness for CBRN-E incidents in the general public, making our societies more resilient. By bringing together experts from a broad range of disciplines and regions, the project will develop holistic products, accounting for the needs of end users.

MKLab is responsible for the technical management of the TeamUP project and has a critical role in the project by leading a WP on Tools Integration, Testing and Field Validation and Knowledge Capitalisation, aiming to ensure efficient integration, verification and benchmarking of all tools and services. In addition, MKLab will design and implement a semantic reasoning module able to provide AI-driven mechanisms for generating recommendations and support experts and non-experts responders with multi-fusion and expert reasoning modules for improving situational awareness and threat and risk detection.





  • Kintzios Spyridon
  • Vrochidis Stefanos