The Limiting online sexual Exploitation and Abuse Gender based on Underaged boys by Educating experts (LEAGUE) project addresses the further need of prevention and increased reporting of online child sexual abuse among boys aged 10–18. The actions proposed for this project will help to the development of the competencies of the organizations and authorities responsible for assisting victims of such crimes.

LEAGUE aims to prevent and report online child sexual abuse of boys aged 10-18, to facilitate early detection, protection and support to underaged boys and young people who are victims or potential victims of violence, with particular emphasis to situations emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and to enhance multidisciplinary cooperation and coordination among relevant stakeholders, including social workers, caregivers, psychologists, IT platforms, teachers, and parents with the aim of preventing child abuse.

The project will be developed into two main streams. The first one is going to consist of international and national training programs aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of relevant professionals and experts on child sexual abuse and how to prevent and report it. The second line of activities will target the victims – boys aged between 10 and 18. In order to reach them, an internet platform will be created as well as a chatbot. The platform will offer peer-to-peer support, alternative psychological help, basic children’s rights courses, referrals to already existing helplines and other relevant information. The design of the platform and its functions will be done in accordance with children’s, particularly boys', needs. Furthermore, the chatbot will offer answers to different questions that the boys might have in this context, in such a manner that the chatbot will present the information in a very understandable and accessible way.

CERTH/ITI, particularly the MKlab, is responsible for the management of technical aspects of the LEAGUE project. Furthermore, it has a critical role in the project by creating the Internet platform and leading a WP for the creation of the LEAGUE’s Chatbot.






  • Mavropoulos Thanassis
  • Vrochidis Stefanos