IOT4SAFE- 1st Call for Papers

Workshop topics:

● Public safety and mobile applications
● IoT for safety in Smart Cities
● IoT solutions for improving the effectiveness of emergency response systems
● Smart environments and occupational safety
● Occupational Risk Management and IoT
● Smart Homes and Smart Caring Environments
● Semantic interoperability in IoT platforms, sensors, mobile and wearable    devices
● Internet of Things Platforms for improving Safety in Public Places (Smart     Cities, e-health)
● Cybersecurity in Public Environments
● Data Fusion and semantically-enriched situation awareness
● Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Public Safety Use Cases
● Multi-Sensor Systems for Automated Data Collection in Public Environments
● Forensics, Security, Safety and Privacy in eHealth and IoT

Program Commitee

Ioannis Katakis University of Nicosia                                                                       Gabriele Guinta Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.                                       Sotiris Batsakis University of Huddersfield                                                          Dimitrios Siafarikas Apple                                                                                      Panagiotis Kasnesis University of West Attica                                                    Evodkimos Konstantinidis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki                      Efstratios Kontopoulos Elsevier Technology                                                                  Nick Bassiliades Aristotle University of Thessaloniki                                              Athina Tsanousa Centre for Research and Technology Greece                          Henning Mueller HESSO                                                                                              Grigoris Antoniou University of Huddersfield                                                            Dimos Georgiou Catalink EU