Call for Papers

EMR 2015 aims at presenting the most recent works in the area of environmental multimedia retrieval. The advancements in digital technologies have facilitated the multimedia encoding of environmental information, such as meteorological measurements and nature observation including the marine environment. In addition, the developments in the area of Citizen Science and Voluntary Geographic Information call for the collection of environmental multimedia data. Since the analysis of environmental information is critical both for human activities (e.g. agriculture) and for the sustainability of the planet (e.g. global warming), it is of great importance to develop techniques for the analysis and retrieval of environmental multimedia. Of particular interest is the monitoring of marine ecosystems, which is of critical importance for gaining a better understanding of the effects of anthropogenic influences on marine environments. In this context EMR 2015 focuses on analysis, retrieval and semantic interpretation of environmental multimedia data, as well as on personalised services, visualization and decision support environmental applications for environmental multimedia.

Research topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval
  • Computer Vision for Environmental Video and Image Processing
  • Plant and Animals Identification
  • Multimedia Analysis for Weather Phenomena and Natural Disasters Understanding
  • Participatory and Social Environmental Media Analysis
  • Discovery of Environmental Multimedia Information in the web
  • Content Extraction from Environmental Multimedia Data
  • Personalised Services based on Environmental Information
  • Fusion of Multimedia Environmental Information.
  • Interfaces, Presentation and Visualization tools for Environmental Data
  • Semantic Web Approaches for Environmental Data
  • Decision support services and reasoning of Multimedia Environmental Data
  • Detection and monitoring of marine life
  • Underwater image enhancement
  • Physical models of reflectance and light transport in underwater images
  • Underwater scene understanding
  • Citizen science, Voluntary Geographic Information and Environmental Multimedia