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PESCaDO: Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration. The overall goal of PESCaDO is to research and develop strategies for user-centred environmental service orchestration and multilingual information delivery in the context of active decision support for environment conditioned tasks. These strategies, realized as an operational workbench, will support the user during the entire process of environmental information-based decision-making from the formulation of the problem, via the search for adequate environmental service nodes and their connection (including data, knowledge and language synchronization), up to multilingual information, advice, hints, etc. delivery. PESCaDO will adapt its strategies and language preferences to the profile and the needs of the user. Furthermore, it will allow for intervention and feedback at any stage of the process, incorporate the received feedback and facilitate several loops of the process until the full satisfaction of the user. The backbone of the involved strategies will be semantics. In addition, PESCaDO will develop visual analytics strategies that will be specific to incremental environmental conditions oriented decision support and problem solving. The starting date of the project is the 1/1/2010.