The SUITCEYES ontology

The SUITCEYES ontology, in cooperatin with the haptic intelligent personalized interface (HIPI) of the SUITCEYES project, provides a semantic based solution to increase the spatial context and location awareness of people with deafblindness. It integrates heterogeneous, multimodal input from different sensors in a formal and semantically enriched basis to provide enhanced situational awareness that can potentially augment users’ navigation and communication capabilities.

The SUITCEYES ontology adopts and extends existing third-party vocabularies, such as the Dem@care , and the SEAS Building ontology , which were utilized in order to enrich the context and spatial reference of entities existing around the HIPI user. The main classes of the ontology refer to Objects, Persons and Spaces (such as rooms), that the sensors can detect and provide the ontology, so that the process of semantic reasoning is initiated.

TTL File

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