SemaDrift: Measure Semantic Drift in Ontologies

Semantic drift is an active field of research, aiming to identify and measure changes in ontologies across time and versions. It is closely related to ontology evolution. However, practical and widely adopted methods that are directly applicable to Semantic Web constructs have yet to emerge.

SemaDrift is a framework of tools and metrics to measure semantic drift in ontologies across time or versions, using text and structural similarity methods to provide valuable insights. The methods are directly applicable to any ontology originating from any domain of application.

The SemaDrift framework of tools and methods is developed within the PERICLES FP7 Project.

SemaDrift Library (API)

This API written in Java is the core library that processes and parses ontology versions to extract drift metrics. It supports an array of multiple ontology versions and leverages the OWL-API library for parsing. It also provides some utilities to clients, such as to obtain the ontology hierarchies in tree-structures, to eliminate the need of re-processing models.

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Get the latest open source version from GitHub

SemaDrift Protégé Plugin

This plugin provides integration with the Protégé popular ontology creation software, providing a plugin GUI in its environment to calculate drift. It leverages the Java SemaDrift Library to provide drift metrics for two consecutive versions: one open in Protégé and a second ontology of choice. It requires a 4.* version of the Protégé framework.

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SemaDrift Fx

This standalone application in the Java Platform is intended for use in Desktop computers, enabling drift measurement between two consecutive ontology versions of choice. It provides a user-friendly GUI for leveraging the SemaDrift Library API.

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Get the latest open source version from GitHub


SemaDrift Protege - Fx Manual

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