PATExpert Ontologies

A Semantic Representation Framework for Patents is publicly available. The framework was developed to address the needs of PATExpert project and it consists of interconnected ontology modules, where each module handles specific aspects of patent documentation representation (content, text structure, metadata, domain specific issues). All modules capture all aspects of the semantic representation of patent documentation.


SUMO was selected as the core ontology because, it is open source, it provides single, pragmatic ontology for use in variety of applications and it is completely mapped onto the WordNet. SUMO high level concepts and properties provide the basis for the construction of the other ontology modules.

The Patent Upper Level Ontology – PULO provides patent specific concept configurations and terminology, acts as a bridge (midlevel ontology) between the high-level abstractions of SUMO and the low-level details of the other ontologies and includes all patent-specific concepts that are generic.

Patent Document Structure Ontology provides the structural composition of a patent document and comprises all concepts needed for a comprehensive description of a patent document structure. Patent Drawings Ontology models the figures of patent documents and Patents Metadata deals with the explicit metadata and implicit metadata.

Download the latest version of the PULO ontologies here.

Download the latest version of the PULO ontologies with changed namespace to '' here.