On-line service for video fragmentation and reverse image search

This experimental service allows the user to extract a set of representative keyframes from a video, and to use these keyframes for performing reverse image search with the help of the Google Image Search functionality.
To submit a video for analysis the user can either provide its URL or upload a local copy of it from his/her machine (please notice that the maximum permitted video size is 2GB). The supported on-line video sources include YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox (beware though that not all videos from these platforms are accessible to our service, due to platform-specific or user-defined restrictions about the use of each specific video; moreover, the provided URL should always point to a single video, rather than a playlist of videos). The service can handle videos of mp4, webm, avi, mov, wmv, ogv, mpg, flv, and mkv format.
After submitting a video, the user can monitor the progress of the analysis. After its completion s/he will be shown the collection of extracted keyframes and be able to perform reverse image search by left clicking on each one of them (see figure bellow). Alternatively, if the user provided an e-mail address (optional) s/he may close the plugin and be notified by e-mail when the analysis results are ready. This e-mail contains a unique link to the analysis results (i.e. the collection of extracted keyframes), that is active only for 48 hours; after this time period, the link, the submitted video, the analysis results and the e-mail address (if provided) are automatically deleted from our server. All video rights remain with the uploader, who is assumed to have the right to submit the video to this service for analysis.
To access the tool, please follow the link.
Any feedback you may have on the web service is most welcome; please send it at apostolid@iti.gr and bmezaris@iti.gr