Musio AR has been implemented by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) of CERTH, in cooperation with Tetragon, a company specialized in the architecture of exhibitions and museums, and the Lesvos Petrified Forest (European and Global Geopark). It is currently installed in the exhibition Birth of an AEGEON Archipelago that is hosted in the Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS”.

Musio AR is based on the technologies of mobile augmented reality and mobile visual recognition that were developed in the context of the European research project Live+Gov. The context and the definition of 3D objects was provided by Tetragon, whereas the Lesvos Petrified Forest - Geopark is responsible for the demonstration of this technology to the visitors of the exhibition.

For the development of the application the people worked from ITI are Dimitrios Ververidis (Augmented reality and visualization of 3D objects in smartphones), Georgios Liaros and Elisavet Chatzilari (visual recognition algorithms for smartphones) and on behalf of Tetragon Ilias Papadopoulos has worked on the construction of the 3D models and the application design.

See the demo of Musio AR