PROPheT is a novel application that enables instance extraction and ontology population from Linked Data, using a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). In PROPheT, concepts, i.e. realisations of entities, and relations populated in online Linked Data sources (such as DBPedia) can be located, filtered and inserted into a user’s own domain ontology.

PROPheT offers three types of instance extraction-related functionalities (instance-based populating, class-based populating and instance enrichment) along with user-driven mapping of data properties. It is flexible enough to work with any domain ontology (written in OWL) and any RDF Linked Data set that is available via a SPARQL endpoint.

This document describes the main functionality of PROPheT along with a step-by-step demonstration of its use, based in realistic use case scenarios.

PROPheT was created by MKLab group under the scope of PERICLES FP7 Research Project.