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Wikirate (Crowdsource Better Companies): The project has the vision of helping consumers express themselves as ethical economic citizens. The objective of Wikirate is to be the ‘go-to’ place for information on companies’ social and environmental practices, allowing consumers and stakeholders such as policymakers or the media to be better informed. Ultimately, the project will provide companies with additional incentive to act sustainably.

WikiRate has two complementary parts which referred to as the Wiki and Rate sides of the site. The Wiki side deals with textual information. People make individual Notes about a company's behaviour which can describe anything that they've done. The platform also includes Overviews which summarise knowledge about a company's behaviour in relation to a Topic. The Rate side deals with 'quantitative' or standardised information. Metrics are standardised ways of measuring some aspect of a company's performance, they are a fair way of comparing companies' behaviour because they ask the same questions of each company. Metric values show how a company performed on the metric in a particular year. One of the best ways for the WikiRate community to contribute is by adding new metric values - every new value expands our knowledge about a company and makes comparison with other companies more informative.

WikiRate Platform Website:

Role of MKLab:

MKLab is the project Coordinator of WikiRate. It is also involved in the development of scalable analytics for user contributions, including the extraction of useful information (articles, metrics) by automated means, in order to a) assist the users in making their Notes by providing relevant supporting content automatically discovered from the web, and b) populates the website with corporate sustainability metrics automatically extracted from external sources. MKLab also develops techniques for automated quality assurance regarding the website, such as duplicate detection of content (text, image, companies etc.), semi-automatic extraction and importing of external metrics, etc.



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